H&H Propeller Inboard Marine shafts are Custom Machined to your Specifications

When it comes to custom machined boat shafts, H&H Propeller has set the standard throughout New England – and in fact throughout the United States!

Superior Shaft Materials:

All of our custom machined boat shafts begin using the finest materials available for long life in the marine environment:

  • 316 stainless steel: A popular and proven shaft materials that is turned, ground and polished (TGP) to yield a smooth , precision balanced shaft with high wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Aqualoy AQ 17, AQ19 and AQ22 nitrogen modified stainless steel: These special stainless steel alloys provide both improved strength and superior corrosion and pitting resistance compared to conventional 316 stainless steel. Perfect for larger yachts and commercial vessels that operate in open oceans.

Superior Shaft Machining

For custom yacht builders, commercial boat yards, and discriminating yachtsmen, H&H Propeller’s inboard shafts are custom machined to deliver accuracy that is equal to or greater than ABYC, SAE, and Navy standards to meet ISO 10010 Inspection standards. Machining advantages and available features include:

  • CNC Turning: Computer Numerical Control turned shaft grinding provides computer automation and CAD accuracy precision control of curves and tapers for reliable power transference and smooth, vibration-free operation that increases bearing life.
  • CNC Milled Keyways: computer controlled milling of keyways allow us to offer Filleted Keyways (also known as "Spooned" Keyways) and Radius Keyways that reduce failure potential by eliminating structurally-weak stress points.
  • Thrust Plate Coupling Ends: Designed and engineered to accept the right coupling for your boats thrust angle and power demands.
  • Turnkey Shaft Solutions: Available with prop nuts, keys, couplings, sleeves, and struts and props, we offer a total matched and balanced engine to water solution that’s customized for your exact propulsion needs.