H&H Propeller Repair & Reconditioning

H&H Propeller’s prop repair and prop reconditioning can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over buying new, while also improving your boat’s performance!

Regardless of prop size, material, or make, our team of seasoned pros will quickly and affordably recon your dented, bent, or even blade-severed prop. We repair bronze, steel, stainless steel, nibral alloy, and aluminum props to "better than original" tolerances that comply with strict ISO 10010 standards. Skillful brazing of bronze and soft metals, welding of steel and stainless steel, and heliarc assembly of aluminum and alloys provide for repair and material replacement without affecting the metal’s tensile characteristics.

Once repaired, we use HydroComp Prop Expert software and 3–D MRI Propeller Mapping to determine precision propeller geometry for pitch, rake, track, blade spacing, thickness, and camber so that your repaired or reconditioned prop delivers synchronized blade loading. Dynamic Balancing using Dynamics Research Multi-Plane Computerized System helps us further fine-tune your propeller while spinning for extreme balance precision that reduces vibration, decreases propeller noise, increases bearing life, improves fuel economy, and increases speed and power.

Finally, we document every prop with an “H&H number,” and maintain an MRI file of your optimized propeller so future replacement or repair needs are always fast and accurate.

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H&H Propellers repair and recon specialties include:

  • Inboard Propeller Repair
  • Outboard Prop Repair
  • Jet-drive Impeller Repair
  • Inboard/Outboard (I/O) Propeller Repair
  • Inboard Propeller Repair
  • Duo-Prop Repair