Marine Prop Spurs and Line Cutters from H&H Propeller provide important safety and added peace-of-mind.

SPURS and Line Cutters from H&H provide a positive solution to boat shaft and prop entanglement due to heavy weeds, floating debris, discarded fishing nets and lines.

Shaft mounted "SPURS" effectively cut by using the "screw action" created as the propeller turns, guiding nets, weeds and lines directly into the shaft—and into the shearing action of the spinning "SPUR" blades where the debris is cut and released.

Made of hardened stainless steel, the boat shaft SPURS work in forward and reverse with NO LOSS OF EFFICIENCY while providing all these peace-of-mind advantages:

  • Shaft SPURS eliminate the risk associated with diving to cut free entanglement free in rough seas or cold waters.
  • Shaft SPURS can reduce or eliminate cost associated with "down time" for commercial running-gear repairs.
  • Shaft SPURS can prevent Coast Guard towing or costly commercial towing.
  • Shaft SPURS work fast to eliminate stress and fatigue—and the sinking risk associated with struts and shafts that could be torn loose.
  • Shaft SPURS eliminate yard bills for haul–outs, dry–docking, repairs, and diver services.
  • Shaft SPURS further save by acting quickly to prevent engine overload and burnt bearing repairs.