Marine shaft couplings from H&H Propeller provide reliable, secure, power transference.

H&H Propeller Marine Couplings are available in rigid and flexible designs options.

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Rigid Marine Couplings:

Our rigid couplings are available in both solid and split assembly configurations. Split assembly couplings offer ease of installation and removal advantages, and also tend to last longer due the "clamp design" feature. Rigid couplings provide direct power transfer – but also direct shock transfer should contact with an obstacle occur. We therefore highly recommend the installation of a Drivesavers.

Flexible Marine Couplings:

Our Flexible shaft couplings protect marine engines and transmissions from shock load and vibration. Flexible couplings can help also reduce noise, dampen vibration, control damage from misalignment, and prevent electrolysis by isolating the engine and drivetrain. We offer flexible couplings in two configurations:

Drivesavers Couplings

Drivesavers Made of strong but flexible Elastomer sandwiched between two coupling flanges, providing a shock-absorbing barrier that reduced strain from engine torque and gear-shift. In cases of extreme shock, the Elastomer disk is sacrificed, protecting the boat driveshaft couplings, transmission, and engine. Resistant to saltwater, gasoline, and normal temperature change, Drivesavers also protect against electrolysis in the engine and transmission my acting as a current-blocking barrier.

Federal® Flexible Couplings

Federal flexible boat shaft couplings offer all the advantages of Drivesavers, plus enhanced versatility thanks to specially engineered, flexible trunnions. Advantaged include:

  • Protect transmission thrust bearings and seals from stress and wear due to shaft misalignment including parallel and angular misalignment.
  • No metal to metal contact; prevents shaft rumble from reaching engine.
  • No lubrication or maintenance required.
  • Easily installed; no shaft shortening or change of shaft location.
  • Neoprene Rubber trunnions transmit thrust and torsional loads.
  • Trunnions can easily and economically be replaced in case of damage.
  • Dampen oscillating shaft vibration in diesel installations.
  • Allows engines on rubber mounts to float free.
  • Engines on rubber mounts move ahead and jackknife under thrust of propeller shaft; FEDERAL flexible couplings absorb this and reduce vibration at high speeds.
  • Allow Engine alignment without special tools.
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