H&H stocks Duramax Marine Shaft Cutlass the most popular and largest selling boat bearing in the USA.

Duramax Cutlass Bearings offer precision boat shaft rotation for vibration-free performance in both sleeve and flange design.

Duramax® Cutlass bearings from H&H are the perfect choice for strut and stern tube installations. Fitted to exacting shaft size requirements, our bearings allow proper clearance for maintenance-free water lubrication. A special Oil- and chemical-resistant nitrile interior rubber lining is securely bonded to the bearing shell further ensures long and trouble-free life.

H&H Cutlass bearings are available in sizes and designs correct for your marine application.

Our Cutlass bearings come on both sleeve and Flange design, and are available in both SAE-standard and metric sizes. Many thin–shell bearing models can also be used effectively as rudder stock, and also as pintle or ponytail bushings.

Metallic Cutlass bearings: Strong, corrosion-resistant Naval Brass construction in Sleeve or Flange shell design.

Our Metallic Cutlass Bearings are available in both sleeve and flange design, and feature Naval Brass ball bearings and outer shells that are machine polished to provide easy fitting. Flange design models feature heavy-walled, centrifugal cast shells for added structural strength that can be ordered step-turned if requested.

H&H Non-Metallic Cutlass bearings: Corrosion-resistant Non-Metal shell construction with choice of Brass or non-metallic ball bearings.

Our Non-Metallic Cutlass Bearings are constructed using a specially engineered and reinforced therm-oset plastic, and have a specially compounded nitrile rubber lining bonded to the inner shell. Ball bearing choices include naval brass and non-metal high-density plastic bearings for use on aluminum vessels and on boats where electrolysis corrosion between metals may occur.