H&H Fast Turn Prop Repair

Our fast boat prop repair is available in 3 options: Fast Turn, Express, and VIP Express!

Fast Turn Prop Repair

Our standard, most popular, and most affordable service. With H&H Fast Turn prop repair, you simply request service through any of our Service Dealers throughout new England. Scheduled bi–weekly pick-up and delivery at each location means that your prop can be repaired or performance–tuned and back at the dealer usually within one week.

Express Prop Repair

For customers needing faster service, we offer Express prop repair for and additional fee through our same Dealer Network. Scheduled biweekly pick–up and delivery at each location allows for Express prop repair customers to get their reconditioned props back within the same week – usually within 4 to 5 days.

VIP Express Prop Repair

For situations where running gear repair simply cannot be postpone and cost concerns are secondary, H&H offers "drop everything," VIP Express service that includes custom pick-up, repair, and delivery throughout New England—usually within 24 to 48 hours depending on extend of damage and size of prop or props being serviced. This exclusive service is also available through our Dealer Network. Please call for details and cost.