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Note: All information is kept strictly confidential and used only as an aid to serve you better.

H&H Dealer benefits include:

  • Expanded service capabilities for the repair and custom fabrication of marine running gear and hardware including props, shafts, struts, rudders, bearings, couplings, tubes, rigging, and more.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through uncompromising quality – and through the added benefit of 3 "fast-turnaround" service options.
  • Convenient scheduled and "on-call" pick-up and delivery for prop and running repair needs.
  • Dealer wholesale discounts seasonal incentives to increase resale value.
  • On-Line repair registration (completed by your customers) that expedites and improves future repair business
  • Increased traffic to your website AND to your location through Inclusion on the H&H website dealership directory
  • (Note: Our website benefits from scheduled and ongoing enhancement of our site’s organic Search Engine ranking (SEO) and also scheduled internet marketing initiatives that collectively position us—and our dealers— as leaders in the propulsion service industry. )
  • Expanded resource for common and hard to locate marine parts and accessories.
  • Enhanced customer confidence through H&H consumer-targeted re-branding and multi-channel marketing and information initiatives.
  • Dealer marketing and sales support materials.
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